Friday, December 26, 2008

My first blog post (at least as a scientist)

Today I set up three blogs that I am going to start using soon: Steve Koch Science (this blog), Steve Koch Research, and Steve Koch Teaching. I'm planning to use this science blog for posts about open science (aka Science 2.0), lab management, or other science professional issues which don't fall in the teaching or research areas. The research blog will be about our research, grant writing, etc. That leaves teaching for the teaching blog. I'm still not sure whether it will make sense for me to have three separate blogs, but I think it may...I'm modeling this after Rosie Redfield's research and teaching blogs. In addition to her blogs, I'm also inspired by some other people such as Maureen Hoatlin's lab twitter and friendfeed, Cameron Neylon's "Science in the open" blog, The Science Commons blog,


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