Sunday, February 21, 2010

Science Commons Symposium Pacific Northwest 2010, quick summary #scspn

Today I was lucky to attend the amazing Science Commons Symposium.  There were back-to-back fascinating presentations by Cameron Neylon, Jean-Claude Bradley, Antony Williams, Peter Murray-Rust, Heather Joseph, Stephen Friend, Peter Binfield, and John Wilbanks.  It was wonderful to meet in person a few people that I either did not know before, or whom I'd only know online previously, including Lisa Green (who went out of her way to invite me to attend this conference, thank you!), Heather Piwowar, Anali Perry, and Brian Westra.  It was also a great pleasure to meet again people whom (with the exception of Cameron) I'd only met in person a few weeks ago at the ScienceOnline2010 conference: Jean-Claude, Cameron, Hope Leman (another tireless organizer of the conference who graciously invited me to attend), Bill Hooker, Pete Binfield, and Antony Williams.  (My apologies if I missed out on name-dropping anyone, it hurts me more than you!)

I'm off to the Biophysical Society meeting tomorrow morning, and a bit out of steam, so I'm going to cop-out a bit and just embed a mindmap of my notes from the meeting.  Before doing that, I'll post a few action items from the meeting, and maybe later I'll come back and link to specific friendfeed or other threads for the items:
  • Antony and I made some progress discussing our athletic challenge to raise money for asthma research or other charity.  I think it's promising we can make it "generative," and successful.
  • Pete Binfield used Heather Piwowar's PLoS ONE paper as an example.  I want to read it and then rate it.
  • Improve our lab's Open Notebook Science.  This is ill-defined, but there are many steps we can begin taking immediately to work towards a system that works for us as well as it does for Jean-Claude Bradley and his students / collaborators.
OK, Here's the mindmap.  I started doing it as an example for Heather, Hope, Bill and others from a discussion at dinner.  Too tired to convert it into regular text now...would be interested to know if it's useful at all to you!

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  1. I like it! And poof I have a problem that I bet could benefit from mindmapping. Off to go try....

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